Billy Fernandez

Prior to Kung Fu San Soo, Billy Fernandez had trained in several other Martial Arts, but nothing prepared him for what he would see when he visited his first San Soo studio.  Unlike so many other styles that are only effective against a certain stance or a similar style, this was street-fighting, this was gritty, and this was what he had been looking for.  Billy quickly recognized how complete Kung Fu San Soo is from the use of leverages, throws, punches and kicks.  Something which is all at once beautiful, mesmerizing, fluid, and lethal.

Billy received the degree of Black Belt under Master Garry L. Brooks and continues to train under Hall of Fame Master Dave Hopkins.  Both of these greats trained under Master Al Rubin- a legendary first-generation student under Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo who introduced this ancient art to America. 

Billy now recognizes that he has not only the privilege, but also the great responsibility to teach the 1500 year old Art of Kung Fu San Soo in its purest form as it was taught to him.