About KFSS

"Legendary and Devastating"


 Kung Fu San Soo_Mammoth is thrilled to provide self-defense instruction for the whole family. 

Kung Fu San Soo is not a sport, but an ancient Chinese fighting system employing punches, kicks, throws and leverages. Come see what is considered, by many, to be the most sophisticated and complete form of martial art in existence today. Inside Kung Fu Magazine deemed San Soo “Legendary and Devastating…A pure Chinese fighting art that has few equals”

-the Art will not fail you

Enduring through centuries


Previously only taught generationally in Chinese monasteries, Kung Fu San Soo is as relevant today as it was hundreds of years ago.  Brought to the US by a direct descendent of the priests originally trained in the art.  Kung Fu San Soo of Mammoth is dedicated to furthering and preserving the art as taught by Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo

Come on by!


Visitors are welcome to meet with the instructor, watch a class, or watch some KFSS videos.  Come see if the Mammoth San Soo family is right for you.